lunes, julio 10, 2006

Murió Raja Rao

Philosopher, pioneer, poet: Raja Rao (1908-2006)

Nilanjana S Roy / New Delhi July 11, 2006

“Sainthood is an inconvenient thing,” Raja Rao wrote of Mahatma Gandhi. The essay was published in The Meaning of India in 1996, but Raja Rao’s meditations on sainthood were of much older vintage. The saint, to him, was a man who “would be perfect”; the politician was a man who “would make the world wholesome, whole”.
Raja Rao understood saints and sainthood perhaps better than he understood politicians and politicking, and he would have been amused, if puzzled, at the canonisation that will inevitably follow his death at the age of 98 this Saturday in Texas. [más]

Quieran los dioses menores que la correspondencia entre Raja Rao y Octavio Paz pueda ver la luz algún día.

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