miércoles, agosto 09, 2006

Seducing the Demon: Writing for My Life

No matter that it's been three decades since Jong published Fear of Flying, the book that presumably emboldens her to proposition American presidents. It careened to the top of best-seller lists after its publication in 1973, revolutionized the way people thought about women's erotic desire, provoked translations into two-and-a-half-dozen languages, and turned its thirtysomething author into a celebrity. It also drove her to eternal self-imitation. Each of the seventeen books Erica Jong has written since has been an increasingly desperate postscript to her first novel.

Fear of Flying itself was a good book. And this even though -- or perhaps because -- its reputation departs radically from its reality. It is my suspicion that the majority of the 18 million people who bought it didn't read it, or read only the paragraphs on which its notoriety was based. [completo]

Pese a lo interesante, divertido e inteligente de su primer libro, nada más cierto. Erica Jong sólo ha escrito posdatas y ampliaciones, ya cada vez menos interesantes, divertidas e inteligentes. Today, her sole commitment is to her own fame. Lástima...

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