jueves, junio 22, 2006

Ensayos autobiográficos de Donald Keene

El periódico japonés The Daily Yomiuri ofrece los ensayos autobiográficos de Donald Keene. Ha hecho veintidós entregas hasta ahora. Un verdadero gozo.

Waley was a genius. The word "genius" is sometimes used in Japan for any foreigner who can read Japanese, but Waley knew not only Japanese and Chinese but Sanskrit, Mongolian and the principal European languages. Moreover, he knew these languages not as a linguist interested mainly in words and grammar but as a man with unbounded interest in the literature, history and religion of every part of the world. He loved poetry written in the languages he knew, and if he did not know a language that was reputed to have good poetry, he did not begrudge the time needed to learn it. Late in life he learned Portuguese in order to read the poetry of a young friend.

Para abrir el apetito...

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